Get your workers ProCertified®!


What is ProCertification?

Through NRCA ProCertification,® NRCA's national certification initiative, experienced workers who demonstrate substantial roofing skills and knowledge can become certified by NRCA in specific roof system installations.

Through a series of assessments, NRCA will certify workers who have met all the requirements for each type of roof system installation, allowing them to earn professional credentials.


Roofing Foreman

Foremen are critical to any roofing business’ success. They lead teams and projects, so it’s important they are equipped with technical and safety knowledge to keep workers productive and safe.


Company benefits

The roofing industry is constantly evolving, and as you look for ways to grow your business, you also need to find ways for your workers to grow. NRCA is helping you address this issue through NRCA ProCertification.

When you invest in your workers, you show them you appreciate their knowledge and skill sets and want them to have successful careers. By certifying your workforce, you demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, quality and your employees' futures while also providing your company with a significant competitive advantage.

Additional benefits to certifying your workforce include:

  • Having NRCA ProCertified workers is proof of the quality your company claims to have.
  • Because you have that proof, it strengthens customer and supplier confidence and enhances reputation and position in your local market.
  • NRCA ProCertification is evidence to potential employees that your company is dedicated to developing installer career development.
  • You can attract better quality people because you have a proven track record to develop your employees into true professionals.

Use the Verification Directory to find a ProCertified Installer.

Employee benefits

The demand for skilled roof system installers is real, and the opportunities are limitless.

Additional benefits of becoming an NRCA ProCertified® installer include:

  • National, professional achievement and recognition
  • Certifications can stay with workers throughout their careers
  • Increased knowledge and confidence
  • Expertise and skills independently validated by NRCA
  • Increased employer confidence and, potentially, pay
  • Pride in professionalism

For more information about NRCA ProCertification, including special discounts on application fees, contact Brad Martz, NRCA's services sales manager, at (847) 493-7574 or

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